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Tony Knott

Tony Knott

Tony Knott has been producing miniatures for the last 15 years and specialises in producing historically accurate pieces for the Medieval and Tudor period but also works with Georgian, Arts and Crafts and Victorian pieces. This work includes armour, weapons, furniture and domestic house wares which represent the every day items used in medieval society. His Tudor and Medieval dolls houses and room boxes are much sought after and accurately portray the living and working conditions of the period.

Tony casts his original designs in silver and uses them to create moulds from which he casts his stock items. The pewter ware contains a high tin content so he can cast and stamp each piece with a high degree of detail. After casting he planishes, applies up to seven layers of colour and then distresses the surface to look like old pewter, a final polish and his trademark is applied to each piece.

The furniture he uses in his models are based upon the basic designs of the Tudor period but look equally at home in Georgian, country and fantasy houses and room boxes.

Tony’s work can be seen in private collections and museums all over the world.

A World in Miniature Museum, Houghton Hall Garden Centre, Houghton, Carlisle, Cumbria, United Kingdom, CA6 4JB